The Perks of a Winter Park Vacation Home

You’re oh-so-excited about your next vacation, and you’ve even started packing already. You check things off in your head as you sit in traffic; ski gear, sweaters, new boots…what else is there to do? You suddenly realize you’ve been avoiding something because it’s such an integral yet tricky component of the leaving town process; locating a place to stay that won’t let you down or break the bank. This is your least favorite part about preparing for a trip, (who daydreams about booking a hotel?) but you know it has to be done.

It sounds like you’ve yet to become acquainted with the idea of a vacation rental. Perhaps you always thought it would cost too much to stay in a well-equipped condo with tons of amenities. Sure, you’d like more space than you usually get in the average hotel room, but isn’t traveling supposed to be a little tight? Not necessarily. Things will go a lot smoother and tempers will flare on far fewer occasions if everyone in your group has enough room to spread out and enough conveniences to feel taken care of.

For example, your upcoming trip to Winter Park, Colorado is something that everyone has been looking forward to. You chose this spot for its amazing ski conditions, snowboard-friendliness, and for the fact that it’s the closest major resort to the Denver airport. Why not continue the theme of expediency as you pick out a place to stay?

A ski-in, ski-out condo with cathedral ceilings and a wraparound deck offering a staggering view of the magnificent peaks would be your dream set-up. There is a place like this, a few places like this, actually, and they aren’t just reserved for the rich and famous. Every year, normal, noisy, fabulous-in-their-own-way families just like yours unpack their bags in spacious mountain homes with all the amenities of home.

Don’t worry about packing your hair dryer or your favorite robe, as these will be waiting for you in your home away from home. Don’t even make the mistake of bringing too many clothes along, because the washer and dryer on the premises will let you keep your laundry perpetually clean and your suitcases light.

Your last vacation usually took a nose dive in the evenings, when everyone fought over the shower, sleeping arrangements, and what to watch on TV. This time, you’ll have the kids inventing all new things to argue about as there will be plenty of bathrooms, beds, and entertainment options for all. From the pool table to the hot tub, everyone will keep themselves busy in the not-too-close quarters of your temporary hideaway.

Some vacation rentals are more extravagant than others of course, but with a little research you’ll surely be able to fine one that suits you and your companions as well as your pocketbook. Remember, Winter Park is also an exciting place to visit during the summer, and the prices will be much lower.

After you’ve heard about the hiking, biking, kayaking, festivals, shopping, and dining options that the warm weather months offer to visitors, you’ll feel perfectly pleased to check out the Rockies in their summer splendor. A chalet tucked away in a grove of blue spruce or an apartment within the village, which will be bustling with music and entertainment of all kinds, by the way, will make you happy that you chose to come during Winter Park’s “off” season. As you’ll tell your friends when you return, there’s nothing very “off” about wildflowers, refreshing breezes, and all the rugged outdoor adventures you could ask for.

If you still feel a bit hesitant, just think of the heroic role you’ll play in the eyes of your family after they walk through the doors of a vacation rental that exceeds their highest expectations. Just a little research on your part will surely uncover the perfect place, so take your time to locate the getaway spot that will truly take you far from your present state of mind.

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