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The natural amenities that Colorado possesses allow home builders and designers to construct masterful home sites for buyers. The Rocky Mountains allow residents to elevate themselves from others and enjoy the scenery without the hassle of a neighborhood. Open lands give residents the choice of building a ranch and raising live stock, or operating a game ranch. The choices of home styles and communities are endless and Colorado offers residents their choice of living situation.

Mountain side homes have always been popular in Colorado. These homes are built within the mountainous terrain. Resorts like Aspen and Steamboat Springs have emerged as a result of residents flooding an area and building on mountains. This living style gives residents the chance to live above the other residents. These houses can be located within communities like Aspen, or in secluded areas around Colorado. Breathtaking views are usually an amenity that accompanies mountain side homes.

Colorado is mostly known for two sports, skiing and hunting. Ranch sites give residents the choice of raising live stock or operating a game ranch. In either case the sites incorporate large amounts of acreage for private use. Many residents in Colorado own livestock and specifically horses. Equestrian is very popular in Colorado and many ranches and parks within the area are built to accompany the sport. Colorado is known for big game hunting. With the variety of natural wildlife in the area hunters often migrate to Colorado during the winter to hunt deer and elk.

Condominiums and town homes have become popular living styles within the last ten years. Metropolitan areas around the country have started developing condos and town homes to encourage people to move back to the city. Denver contains many high rise condos within its metropolitan area. Condos offer residents and small families the chance to live within a city without dealing with apartment leases. Many luxury condos are being built around the Denver area. Town homes give residents the chance to live within the city and within a community. Town homes are usually small and are connected or are very close to other homes within the community. This style of home is ideal for small families who want to be closely involved within a community.

Master planned communities and neighborhoods are also very popular in Colorado. The difference between the two is that master planned communities usually have more amenities then neighborhoods. Master planned communities include golf courses, lakes, commercial buildings, and designed retail offices. These communities are often gated to offer their residents the privacy that they want. Master planned communities almost always contain custom homes. Neighborhoods are communities that offer residents the security of a community without the glamour of a master planned community. Neighborhoods are mostly made up of homes and often have strip mall located around them. This style of living is popular all over the country.

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